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YouTube is an app and website that is free to use.  Below is a small showcase of informative, helpful, funny, or moving YouTubers who can teach us more about ourselves and the world around us, or offer a spot of joy or laughter or distraction.  Suggestions welcome.  More Soon. 


Note 1 - not all videos on YouTube are appropriate for all people or ages.  Please use discretion when choosing what videos to watch.

Note 2 - While YouTube is free to use, it is always encouraged to support creators when possible and if you are able.  Liking, sharing, following, and commenting are all free ways to support your favorite creators. 

"Dad, how do I?" - a series of free video short lessons covering topics a parent might teach a child, like how to tie a tie and how to shave your face. 

Dude Perfect - A group of friends who do entertaining videos that often involve sports.  

Mark Rober - An engineer with interesting videos.

Mr. Beast -  A group of friends who are entertaining and sometimes philanthropic.

Nas Daily - videos that provide insight and information to interesting people, places, and things happening around the world

Unspeakable - A group of friends who entertain through silly antics.


YouTube channel suggestions focused on anxiety

Search suggestions:

  • animal facts

  • ASMR

  • cooking

  • cute or silly animals

  • funny

  • drawing tutorials

  • house cleaning

  • how it's made

  • lawn mowing

  • makeup tutorials

  • music videos or live performances

  • slime

  • travel destinations

  • woodworking

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