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Mission Statement   

TRIGGER WARNING - Sensitive topics throughout the entire site. 

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It is with great purpose I began  It is my belief and has been my experience that universal change must first start at an individual level that hopefully spreads by example.  By creating awareness and discussion by addressing hard-hitting and often taboo topics, hopes to not only inspire others to also want to change the world, but help guide them to take action.   


Above all else, wishes to let others know they’re not alone;  Life is hard but YOU ARE NOT ALONE. is a revolution.  It is one woman fighting for purpose, global change, and personal fulfillment.


Through various ongoing efforts, aims to:

  • Change the world.

  • Promote values that are waning in modern society.

  • Help others.

  • Remind myself and others, repeatedly: You are not alone.

  • Lead by example in hopes of inspiring others to do the same.  Even ONE person or ONE act can make a difference.  Be that person.  Be the difference. 

  • Promote the power of kindness and empathy by being a beacon of light and safe haven for others.

  • Spread joy, spark happiness, and let my light shine, especially in the darkest times and against resistance.  

  • Inspire creativity and promote it as a way of self expression and emotional release.

  • Speak out for the voiceless.

  • Teach that real wealth is not in money or possessions but experiences, people, growth, time, self-awareness, and more.

  • Promote conversations and awareness around hard-hitting and necessary issues.   Not only be open, but be loud about the following and more:

  • Emphasize the value of history, which includes the lessons and the stories from others.  Keep these stories alive by telling them to others, writing them down, and showcasing the people, places, and treasures that comprise that history.  Honor, celebrate, and immortalize people and organizations worthy of admiration and praise. 

  • Provide insight on the benefits of self-reflection and help others figure out who they are and what is important to them, that they need to own it and be themselves, no matter what others may think. 

  • Show others it is OK to be different, to be weird, to be unique.  We are not the opinion of others; no one’s negativity or approval define us.  Live my truth, not hide who I am in an effort to make others comfortable or to "fit in."  In a world of 7B+ people, we can’t all be the same.  It is our differences that make us unique. 

  • Make others aware that it is never too late to change and to be better by continuing to change and better myself.  Offer suggestions and ways for people to better themselves and their community

  • Spark a love for wildlife and nature, as well as a bigger respect for our planet, in others.  Show how  easy it is to help our planet by living the lessons I promote and providing resources to take action. 

  • Reduce the carbon footprint in all aspects of my life.

  • Push the boundaries.  Prove that almost all limits are self-inflicted and not real. 

  • Defy lessons taught that are no longer valid - or never were. 

  • Stay out of my comfort zone and invite others to join me.

  • Show others that bravely facing the unknown is far better than hiding from life. 

  • Remind myself and others of ‘momento mori’ - Death is inevitable.  Life is short.  Death should not be taboo and there is beauty in the circle of life and in decay.  

  • Urge others to think for themselves, form their own opinions, and ask WHY.  Just because something is unpopular does not mean it is wrong; Reversely, not everything popular is right.  

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