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APPS (alphabetical order)​

This is a list of FREE Apps (though some have paid features) that can be used for: guided meditation, ways to practice mindfulness, tools for self-expression, mantras, creativity, organization, wellness, and more. is not sponsored by or affiliated with any app.

Airbrush - creative photo editing app, good for both mindless and mindful times.  Free, but paid version is even better if you are a creator.

Canva - creative design app I enjoy.  Free, but paid version is worth it if you have need/desire/ability to invest in digital art creation.

Google Primer - A free app from Google that offers lessons on finance, business, and more

Google Rewards - A free app from Google that pays you for taking occasional surveys that usually take a minute or less.

Keep Notes - Free app to maintain checklists.  Has a widget to "pin" to home screen for convenience.  Excellent for visual learners.


Pedometer Step Counter - This app helps give a visualization of steps taken, with graphs and stats daily, weekly, and monthly.


Pinterest - Use this free app to peruse and save quotes, crafts, recipes, photos, and more.  Pinterest can be both a mindless escape or it can help with mindfulness, or used as a search engine or portfolio / gallery.  Pin your own ides / photos or look through millions of others.

Pokemon Go - fun free game that can be played alone or with people all over the world.   Mindless escape.  Free, but has in-app purchases.  In-game money can be earned free by spinning pokestops and in-game items can be acquired free by exchanging gifts with others.   I recommend to find others for exchanging gifts.


Professor Layton - A beautiful puzzle game series that has been turned into an app.  Free when using points earned from Google Rewards app.

Shine app - Life changing guided meditation app if you're willing to keep and open mind.  Free, but that paid version has even more features and meditations (Wait for a sale).

Tarot Card of the Day - A just-for-fun daily tarot-card-style horoscope; a playful twist on the traditional, interspersed w/ helpful life lessons & advice.  This can be a mindful moment because it gives you a topic or thought to focus your mind.  

Worry Dolls - A free, simple app that has "worry dolls" who hold on to your troubles.  Inclusive of all skin colors and adorable.

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