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  • What is's mission? is a reminder that we are not alone. It is a way to help others - and myself - through the ups and downs of life. It is currently a messy draft and a work in progress, but there's information here that might save a life. A major aspect of is that it has no merchandise, no shop, no affiliate links, has no sponsors beyond the creator, and does not accept donations.
  • Since doesn't accept donations, what ways can I support the mission?"
    Since doesn't accept donations, please support this mission by living as yourself, unabashedly, and without worrying about what other people think. Please keep an open mind, understand that no one knows everything, and we are all just doing our best. You got this! Another way to support the mission is to share it with others. Don't be afraid to have conversations with others about things that matter. If you truly feel compelled to find other ways to support this mission or site, you can find ways to support the creator.
  • How did come to be? grew from a personal need to survive extreme traumas and struggles. Some of these events include losing my mother as I held her, being a full-time single parent to chronically sick kids, losing my job, rape, sexual assault, living homeless during a pandemic, surviving the mental manipulation clutches of abusive men, loss of close friends and family to everything from suicide to COPD to a gunshot wound. This site is to help others who may be struggling through the same to help show them they need not suffer. Everything is happening for a reason - and I believe that reason is to help us change and grow. It was not easy to teach myself this, but I am so grateful for the lesson.
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