top of page is both an evolution and revolution.  It is an independently ran movement (with no corporate influence or financial aspect whatsoever) dedicated to changing the world for the better, empowering others, spreading light, perpetuating good, providing resources to enrich the lives of others, breaking stigmas, tackling large goals within the unfair, unequal, greedy systems in place today, and more.  An ever-growing Mission list can be found HERE

Unfortunately, we as a society have been sold a lie that mental health care is this expensive, unreachable dream -- a nightmare, really -- where we must each suffer on our own with no hope of ever being able to afford "therapy and medication."  These methods are advertised to us as the single answer to our problems because the people advertising them are raking in money on our mental well being.  But therapy and pharmaceuticals are not the only answers, nor are they the best ones for everyone. offers a different approach that involves "torches" laid out by people all over the world throughout history.


Having over twenty years navigating the mental health offerings available to consumers, I have aggregated some of the resources, lessons, and information that I now use in lieu of "traditional" monetized mental health care practices.   I know firsthand the discomfort and pain that goes alongside unlearning what you thought to know to be true.  But the reward on the other side of that knowledge is more valuable than any tangible treasure in this world.  So, it is with that in mind, I ask you keep an open mind and question everything you know as we embark on this journey into a world yet unknown, together. 

On our own, we matter.  Together, we create change.


- Sabrina Penguin


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