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[for the homeless]

RESOURCES - links in bold underline

    - The Help Yourself page has many suggestions on handling the trauma of being homelessness, as well as the stress of just simply being alive.

    - Spoiler alert: Breathing is life-saving magic that's free.

    - Some public libraries have free wi-fi, printing services, and more. 

    - If you need food, clothes, or toiletries, most churches are happy to help without question regardless of your affiliation.  Some also have free programs to help drive people to doctor's appointments, pharmacies, or to get groceries.

    - The Do Not Give Up page is a little encouragement as well.  

    - Understanding that there is extreme grief involved in losing your home, possessions, way of life, self-respect, etc.  The Grief page is a place to start in order to come to terms with the new you.

    - The Poetry page has some insightful poetry that might help you feel less alone.  If not, there's also a page to remind you that You are not alone


    You are not alone.  You got this.  

    You are not your struggles.

    Your worth is not defined by your home. 

    "What you are going through will soon be what you went through."

    Life is tough - but so are you.

    Look at how far you've come.

    You did not come this far to only come this far.

    You are not the opinion of others.

    Smile - you are amazing.



[for those who have never been homeless]

Let me ask first, what do you think you know about homelessness?  Please take a moment to consider that the stigmas you know to be true are wrong or are from a skewed perspective.  Open your mind to the idea that the cost of living has grown too high because of greed, an under-regulated corporate system, and other factors.   The cost of rent and housing, prescriptions and medical care, and daycare, as examples, have grown so high they have become more luxury than necessity.  Survival of the fittest has turned into survival of the financially richest.  The "financially" part is important to add before "richest" because real wealth is not found in money or possessions.

I know this because I have been a homeless single mom for over 15 months now and I have learned so much about myself, the world, and what is actually important.  Sign up HERE for a free newsletter and to join my journey to make the world a better place.  "On our own, we matter.  Together, we create change." - @HumdingerDarlin


This is a project aimed to uplift and empower our homeless population. 


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