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( Draft, Under Construction, More Soon )

​Resources (mental health, suicide, navigating sexuality, and more) for the LGBTQ community.  In the United States, places like Texas and Florida are working hard to make life more difficult for the community.  This cruelty, ignorance, and disgusting abuse of political power strengthens's resolve and commitment to being a safe haven for everyone, despite sexual orientation, nationality, creed, race, gender, financial status, background, etc etc.

Always, Always Remember:

You are not the opinion of others.

You are not alone.

No amount of darkness can stop a spark of light.

  • Trans Lifeline is a free 24/7 hotline available in the U.S. and Canada staffed by transgender people for transgender people.  Confidential, 24/7 crisis support.

    • 1-877-565-8860 (United States)

    • 1-877-330-6366 (Canada)

  • The Family Acceptance Project™ (FAP) is a community research, intervention, and education initiative that studies the impact of family acceptance and rejection on the health, mental health and well-being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth.  Results are being used to help strengthen families and to develop training materials and a new family model of wellness and care to help ethnically diverse families support their LGBT children.

    • "FAP's research shows that families, parents, foster parents, caregivers, and guardians can have a very dramatic impact on their LGBT children. It found that family acceptance promotes well-being and helps protect LGBT young people against risk, and that family rejection has a serious impact on a gay or transgender young person's risk for health and mental health problems, such as depression, suicide, substance abuse and HIV." 

    • FAP article in Spanish: "La incomprensión familiar daña la salud de los hijos homosexuals"

  • SAGE LGBT Elder Hotline
    Talk and be heard at the SAGE LGBT Elder Hotline. Connects LGBT older people with friendly responders.  For LGBT elders and caretakers.  Confidential support and crisis response, available 24/7.  1-877-360-LGBT (5428)

  • Q Chat Space is a bully-free online community of LGBTQ teens that can chat with other LGBTQ teens and trained staff from LGBTQ centers around the country. - 

  • Gender Spectrum Lounge is a global online community for gender-expansive teens, their families and support professionals to connect, collaborate and find resources. -

  • National Runaway Safeline is a federally designated national communication system for runaway and homeless youth, available 24/7/365, providing access to resources and listening professionals. - 1-800-RUNAWAY or at

  • ​The Validation Station is a free texting service that sends daily gender-affirming and uplifting text messages to trans and non-binary youth in lockdown. -

  • The LGBT National Help Center offers a talkline and weekly chatrooms for youth, providing confidential peer-support, information, local resources and community.

    • Talkline - 800-246-7743

    • Weekly Youth Chatrooms at

  • True Colors United has an online COVID-19 Action & Resource center providing resources for youth and adults experiencing homelessness. They include resources for folks working in the field, advocates making a difference, and young people looking for help. -

  • Many PFLAG chapters are meeting virtually or providing 1:1 virtual support as requested for parents/guardians or LGBTQ youth. Go to to look up the PFLAG chapter in your area and reach out by phone, email or on social media to learn more about their virtual support options.

More soon.  Until then -- stay strong.  Know you are not alone.  Do not give up.

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