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GRIEF (draft)

I am not here to give you a textbook definition.  On the contrary, I learned about grief while drowning in it, not studying it.  And that's what qualifies me to share the people, things, and lessons that help me face it. 


We all process emotion differently.  For me, to start, it has been helpful to understand that:

     > Loss changes you into a new person, one without who/what you lost.

     > Deep intentional breathing is incredibly helpful.  

     > Grief is never gone.  Some days/moments will be harder than others.

     > My experience is not unique.  I am not alone. 

     > There is no right way to grieve.

     > Grief occurs after a loss of any kind, not just the loss of a loved one.  It also happens after the loss of a job, expectation, relationship, home, way of life, dream, and more. 

     > Experiencing abuse (physical, psychological, or sexual) causes grief over the loss of naivety, ability to trust, person you were, etc.

     > Everything happens for a reason.

     > Struggles happen to help us change and grow.

     > The people and things we have lost are never fully gone.  As examples:

             - A deceased loved's wisdom and impression are left in our memories, heart, and soul.  They are brought to life by us using those influences in our lives.  

             - A job may no longer belong to us, but the experience and knowledge gained is ours to keep.

             - A relationship may have ended, but the memories, lessons, and insight last forever. 


"What you are going through will soon be what you went through." - unknown

"If you're going through hell, keep going." - Winston Churchill


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More soon. 


For now, the links below are a quick a nod to emotional literacy, which is an important step in understanding yourself and regaining control of your mental well-being.

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