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I've come so far. You've come so far. We've come so far.

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

I created because I am living firsthand through the dire need (that continues to grow) for these resources to be available completely FREE to anyone who is able to access the internet. is designed as a non-profit that will never solicit for donations or money of any kind, ever. There is not even a button or place to donate. The best ways to support this mission are to share it with others and by living your truth with an open mind, self-reflection, growth, and gratitude.

I am not a therapist, not a professional life coach (nor should I be), but I have survived so many things I felt would break me. I want to share with others all the people and things that have helped me make it through each difficult day - the lessons, the struggles, the torches I found in the dark, and more. This is part of my life's mission of helping others and changing the world. How? By spreading light & awareness and empowering others to do the same.

This endeavor has so much passion behind it. It is being driven by one woman who knows she has the power for good, believes in the good in others, and believes in her power to spread that belief to those who may not yet share it; We all change the world, every single day -- is an attempt to bring together that power.

It is also a way to process my emotions through creativity and expression, hoping that by being open in these ways, I may be able to help inspire others to find their way through the dark, too, and also create awareness and support for an endless number of causes.

There is undeniable bravery in owning your story, and there are arguments to defend both keeping quiet and sharing. My own mother, may she rest in peace, believed that divulging personal details was an act of self-harm because in doing so, you reveal vulnerabilities that bad people will try to exploit. But what I've learned is that these people will try this regardless of how vocal you are. I've also learned that by putting words to my vulnerabilities, they become my strengths. And right now, couldn't we all use some strength?

It is with these thoughts in mind, and without further adieu, that I excitedly welcome you to!

This website is currently a work in progress (aren't we all?), but I figured it is better to get out what I can as soon as I can.

To get started, I welcome you to join's newsletter with information related to: activism, mental health, inspiration, motivation, life lessons, general observations, and more. You will never be solicited for donations of any kind. I don't want your money.

If you feel alone, please visit: NOT ALONE

If you need immediate mental health help, go to: RESOURCES

Motivational, emotive, and/or thought-provoking poetry: POETRY

Ways to pull yourself out of the dark: HELP YOURSELF

So much more coming soon.

Thank you for joining this journey.

"On our own, we matter. Together, we create change." - @HumdingerDarling


PS - Not sure this post makes sense, but who has time to edit a blog when there's a world to change! I am moving on to complete the ABOUT page, where I will re-vamp this post to answer the questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how.

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Maribel Ruiz
Maribel Ruiz
Sep 17, 2021

Thank u for having the courage & hope to create this healing page that will help others..... This is very inspiring!!!

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